Interfarm - History

In 1979, the family company INTERFARM N.V. started out as a pork farm in the Saramacca district. At one point Wolterstorff family also saw the opportunity to process and sell their pigs on the Surinamese retail market. After a short while the artisanal butcher "DE KEURSLAGER" was established, with Mr. Martin, K. Wolterstorff as the owner / director.

To act on the growing demand for meat products and other developments in the food service sector, the company decided to complement their supply of local meat products with imported meat- and other food-service products.

Over the last 10 years, this family business has been entrusted by an increasing number of companies to act as their one-and-only representing agent in Suriname. These companies include:

  • Mc. Cain International (fries).
  • Island Oasis (frozen drinks / smooties & cocktails).
  • Otis Spunkmeyer (chocolate-chip cookies).
  • Certified Angus Beef (High quality Beef brand)
  • Natural Spices. (Spice and Herbs)
  • Ecolab (Cleaning Solutions)

INTERFARM N.V. has also been dealing in provision and special supplies for offshore- and marine industries, and is currently one of the most reliable Ship chandlers in Suriname.